Combo Benchmark

Efficient and effective benchmarking for members of industry associations

  • Quick market insights

    The basis for a complete and current insight of your market

  • Your benchmark operational within 1 day

    Combo Benchmark is an easy to use online web application

  • Relevant data direct from your members

    Members will fill out online all required information

  • Help your members perform better

    Insight into own performance and possibility of growth

  • Totally online, 24/7 available

    Use online Combo Benchmark every moment of the day

  • Standard webapplicatieon, customizable to your wishes

    Unlimited number of participants, questions and reports

  • Learn from each other

    Let members learn from each other and enhance each other

  • Comprehensive reports

    Create complete reports that provide the best benchmarking information for the users

Watch the demonstration to get a good impression of Combo Benchmark!

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